7-Eleven to Sell Music in Stores


7-Eleven Malaysia, the largest convenience chain store in Malaysia has  partnered with Laguna Music to launch the exciting 7-Eleven Music  programme to foster and grow the local music scene. Through 7-Eleven  Music, 7-Eleven is proud to support Malaysia’s own uprising local artists,  Yuna, SevenCollar T-Shirt and PureVibracion, by marketing and distributing  their music albums via its vast network which comprises more than 1190 store  nationwide.

General Manager of Laguna Music, Mr Jeremy Little said, “Over the past few  months, we at Laguna Music have been working very closely with 7-Eleven  Malaysia, to develop new channels that will enable Malaysian music to be  made more accessible throughout Malaysia, including Sabah & Sarawak.  Together, we created a campaign that will not only permit physical music CD’s to be distributed to more than 1190 stores throughout the country, but also a programme that will give widespread branding and promotion to each artist selling in stores.”

“With limited avenues currently for selling physical CD albums, record labels have had to change their focus from selling physical products to selling digital format products but with only a handful of local artists actually achieving high sales from digital/mobile downloads, the development and growth of the industry has been affected. This is why we’ve kept a strong focus on revamping the current distribution network of physical music CD’s in Malaysia, driving us to explore unconventional ways of having music CD’s to be sold on a much larger scale.” he added.

“While mobile Ring-back Tone services provided by Telco’s remain to be the highest grossing form of music sales in Malaysia, many artists have been left dependent on this service as the sole platform for selling their music. With consumer preference in buying music constantly changing, there lies a big risk that this form of digital sales may decrease, leaving no other viable platform for artists to earn enough sales to sustain themselves. A solution was needed to be formulated in order to avoid a potential collapse of music sales in Malaysia.”

“7-Eleven Malaysia has provided us with the perfect solution that will give a significant boost to the Malaysian Music industry.”

Mr. U Ming Tan, Director of 7-Eleven Malaysia said, “Although we are a renowned brand internationally, our real identity that we want to be associated with in Malaysia is nothing less than a true Malaysian company that contributes back to the growth of our nation. We at 7-Eleven want to connect our customers with the local music they love, and to also support the creative and economic expansion of the local music industry. And we
believe that this can be made possible through our extensive network. This will undoubtedly be a great vehicle for our local music talents to reach out to more widespread audiences.”

“7-Eleven Music is a part of our strategic plan moving forward with the aim to provide a wider selection of services and products in all our 7-Eleven Malaysia stores. Customers can expect to see more interesting twists and developments in overall shopping experiences in their communities with varieties of merchandise that aims to surprise and reward,” he added.



The 7-Eleven Music campaign branches out to two different sections, the physical CD display rack, as well as a platform for artists selling in stores to gain widespread exposure.

The 7-Eleven Music CD display rack will be placed on all store-front windows of every 7-Eleven store throughout Malaysia. The starter rack will feature 3 different albums, with a new album coming into stores every 2 months. This will effectively allow a constant flow of new music to be sold in-stores.

7-Eleven Music will have its own dedicated website, www.7elevenmusic.com.my, which will serve as the centre of the marketing campaign for the artists. The website, which will be launched at the beginning of the coming year, will feature album promo videos, exclusive interviews with the artists, as well as contest giveaways.

7-Eleven Music will hopefully drive more Malaysians to buy original Malaysian music since buying Malaysian music has never been as convenient. With over 1190 stores located in every corner of Malaysia, not only will Malaysian music be selling around the clock 24 hours a day but it will also be sold at a cheaper, exclusive rate to 7-Eleven customers. The first 3 albums will be selling at only RM27 each. Consumers will be saving RM2.90 from the standard retail price.

The project headed by Laguna Music is seen as a milestone in the development of the Malaysian music industry. Over the coming year, 7-Eleven and Laguna Music aim to explore new ways to gain even wider exposure for the 7-Eleven Music artists.