Prana was formed in 1999 by a group of guys with a similar passion for making and playing music. What started out as just a bit of fun, eventually grew to build the foundations of a future career in the Malaysian music industry for the boys.

Prana, consisting of Eric Ruffin, Pablo Torrejon, Jamir Adiong, Jeffrey Little and Jeremy Little, started playing shows in Malaysia’s relatively small underground scene. With a passion and determination to have their music heard by the masses around Malaysia, Prana did what they could to get their music heard.

Their performances were explosive and quickly their fan base started to grow. After several shows they had caught the attention of producer Bob Kuman (Bob KU2) and Prana were featured in the Family Day compilation with their first studio recorded single ‘Copore’. The compilation, released in 2000, was pivotal for the growth of the Malaysian independent music industry.

Following the single release, Prana signed a recording deal with local mainstream label, NSR, and soon after released their rap-rock debut album ‘Have A Nice Jay Walk’ in 2001. The album release was a hit amongst the local Malaysian music listeners and sold just under 10,000 copies nationwide. The album had two singles, ‘Better Than That’ and ‘What You Need’, which reached the number 1 spot on local English radio and eventually earned the band a nomination at the Malaysian Music Awards in 2002 for the Best New English Artiste category.

Having come from the underground scene with a strong concept of DIY, in 2003 Prana decided to leave the label and record their next album under their own newly formed record label, Laguna Records. The same year their sophomore album, ‘Greenhouse Effect’, was their first independent release by the band. The album blended their new reggae and funk influences with their original rap-rock style. The album had achieved two number 1 spots on the local English radio charts with their singles ‘If Life Was So Sweet’ and ‘Bird Song’.

Having faced numerous obstacles and changes in the music scene, Prana were more determined to succeed and contribute to the growth the local independent music industry in Malaysia. With a couple changes to the line-up in 2005, Prana had a bigger challenge on their hands when vocalist, Eric Ruffin and Chilean bassist Pablo Torrejon had left the band. Jamir Adiong stepped up and took the role as vocalist for the band and with a new bassist in the group, Azman Ali, they headed to a new direction. Their third album ‘Disc 03’ was released later that year with a more prominent reggae influence to their songs. The songs ‘Greenberet’ and ‘Chao Phra Ya’ both hit the number one spots on local English radio.

After much success and struggle with the band over the years, in 2006, Prana decided to take a break and concentrate on the growth of the label and Jamir eventually moved back to his native country of the Philippines.

After a long break, Prana have once again returned. With most of their original line-up back in tow, Prana aim to bring back their heavy funk-rock tunes to the Malaysian airwaves. With Eric Ruffin returning as vocalist of the band, accompanied by brothers Jeffrey & Jeremy Little, Pablo Torrejon temporarily returned to Malaysia produce new tracks for their upcoming album. 10 years since the release of their debut album, Prana are now sounding bigger and more prepared for a comeback. Look out for the release of their upcoming single ‘Is That All’.

Genre: Funk Rock Reggae
Year Formed: 1999
Origin: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Eric Ruffin Vocals
Jeffrey Little Drums
Pablo Torrejon Bass
Jeremy Little Turntables

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